Gift Certificate Info


How to order a Gift Certificate on the web:

  1. Click on the Gift Certificate link, or enter the description in the search field.
  2. Click the drop down and choose the dollar amount you would like to make the Gift Certificate for.
  3. Enter the first and last name of the person you will be giving the Gift Certificate to, as well as their shipping address if you do NOT want the Gift Certificate to be shipped to you.
  4. If you would like us to add a special note to the Gift Certificate such as Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas include this request as well.
  5. Continue to check out and choose the shipping method you would like. Choose either priority or customer pick up.
  6. If you choose customer pick up, the Gift Certificate will be held in the store for pickup, if priority Mail is chosen, your Gift Certificate will be shipped out us mail or email at no charge.


How to redeem a Gift Certificate:

  1. Have your Gift Certificate or credit memo handy when ordering.
  2. You can redeem your Gift Certificate or Credit on our website, over the phone, or in the store.
  3. If ordering over the phone or in the store, simply let the sales rep know that you will be paying with a gift certificate or credit. The Sales Rep will process accordingly.
  4. If ordering over the website, you will need to include a note in the Comments field of your order stating that you are using a Gift Certificate or Credit Memo as payment. You will also need the credit memo number. This number is listed on your gift certificate as well as on the top right corner of your Credit Memo.
  5. If your order total is more than the amount of your Gift Certificate or Credit Memo you will need to include a payment method for the remaining amount as well.
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