Cutting Tools


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330411 Nipper, Disc Rod

Nipper, Disc Rod

Disc rod nipper. Glass rod nipper with replaceable carbide wheels for easier cutting and thinner slices. Great for cutting off slices of millefiori.

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330415 Nipper, Disc Replacement 2 Wheel Set

Nipper, Disc Replacement 2 Wheel Set

330415 Replacement Two Wheel Disc Set for Disc Nipper. If your wheels should ever dull, they are easy to switch.

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330425 Nipper, Glass Rod

Nipper, Glass Rod

330425 Glass Rod Nipper. These nippers have tungsten carbide jaws to cut glass rods, millefiori cane, stringers & latticino. The head closes to a...

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330522 Griffin Tools Small Cup Shears

Griffin Tools Small Cup Shears

330522 Griffin Glass Tools small Cup Shears. These light cup shears are excellent for trimming hot glass pieces such as cups, goblets and blown...

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330525 Griffin Tools Large Cup Shears

Griffin Tools Large Cup Shears

330525 Griffin Glass Tools large Cup Shears. These large cup shears measure 8" long, featuring stainless steel 1.5" blades that are 4mm...

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330750 Knife, Scoring for Tubing

Knife, Scoring for Tubing

330750 Scoring knife for tubes. Two-edged tungston carbide blade with a handle. Makes a score for cutting glass rods and tubing.

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